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Awesome, Legio I
    Marian Hegemony by J. W. Smith

Taurian Concordant
   1st Taurian Pride

Magistracy of Canopus
   Canopian Highlanders
   1st Canopian Cuirassiers
   2nd Canopian Cuirassiers
   Raventhir's Iron Hand

Outworlds Alliance
   1st Alliance Air Wing

Marian Hegemony
    Legio I
    Legio IV

Circinus Federation
   Black Warriors
   McIntyre House Guards

Rim Worlds Republic

Deep Periphery
   Escorpión Imperio
   Hanseatic League
   Minnesota Tribe

Lesser States
   Brotherhood of Randis
   New St. Andrews

Bandit Kings
   Lady Death
   Morrison's Extractors
   New Belt Pirates
   Redjack Ryan
   Vance Rezak

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