Classic Battletech

Dark Age


Miscellaneous Accessories

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Warning Stripes
   Black & Clear
   Black & Red
   Black & Yellow
   White & Clear

   Black & Clear
   Black & Gold
   Black & White
   Black & Yellow
   Blue & Silver
   Blue & White
   Red & Yellow
   White & Clear

Generic Skulls
   Skulls 01
   Skulls 02
   Skulls 03
   Skulls 04
   Skulls 05
   Skulls 06

   United Kingdom
   United States
Danger/Warning Signs
   Warning Signs 01
   Warning Signs 02
   Warning Signs 03

Heraldry Shields
   Heraldry 01
   Heraldry 02
   Heraldry 03
   Heraldry 04
   Heraldry 05
   Heraldry 06
   Heraldry 07
   Heraldry 08

Generic Decals
   Ariel's Pony
   Card Suites
   Circles and Triangles**
   Generic 01
   Pinups 01*
   Pinups 02
   Pinups 03
   Kill Markers**

*Silhouette available in any spot color.

**Available in any spot color.
Numbers **
   Gothic Type 1
   Gothic Type 2
   Kanji (Japanese numerals)

2-Color Numbers **

Greek Letters **

   Numbers come in three types of sheets; 1-33, 34-66, 67-99. Each sheet is sold separately. Colors available are:

   Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Magenta, Red, Silver, White, Yellow


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