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Zeus, Blue Star Irregulars,
  1894th Light Horse
     by Scott Davis

12th Star Guards  
12th Vegan Rangers
   Alpha Regiment
13th Stalking Horse

15th Dracon (new and old)
   21st Centauri Lancers
       4th Tau Ceti Rangers
         (new and old style)

            51st Dark
              Panzer Jaegers

Able's Aces

Ace Darwin's Whippets

Avanti's Angels  

Barber's Marauder II's

Bad Dream

Barrett's Fusiliers
Battle Magic

Black Angus Boys

Black Cats

Black Heart Roses

Black Omen

Black Outlaws

Black Thorns
(new and old)


Blackstone Highlanders
Blanc's Coyotes

Blue Star Irregulars
(new and old)
   21st Rim Worlds
   1894th Light Horse
Brion's Legion
(new and old)

Broadstreet Bullies

Broadsword Legion

Brock's Buccaneers

The Bounty Hunter

Burrs Black Crobas

Burtonís Brigade

Caesars Cohorts

Camancho's Caballeros

Canned Heat

Canopian Highlanders

Carson's Renegades

Chaos Irregulars

Clifton's Rangers

Crater Cobras

Crescent Hawks

Dedricksonís Devils

Deliahís Gauntlet

Devilís Brigade

Devils Advocates

The Dioscuri

Dismal Disinherited
     3rd Dismal Disinherited


Dragonís Breath

Dropship Irregulars

Eridani Light Horse
(new and old style)
   71st Light Horse Regiment
      3rd Recon Company
         (The Slashers)

   21st Striker Regiment
   151 Light Horse Regiment
   19th Cavalry Regiment

Erikssonís Einherjar

Federated Freemen


A-J     J-Z

Fighting Intellectuals

Fighting Shamrocks

Fighting Urukhai

Fist of Mokal

Gabhardtís Carabineers

Gaelís Grinders

Golden Boys

Gordonís Armored Cavalry


Grayís Ghosts

Green Mountain Boys

Greenburg's Godzillas

Gregg's Long Striders
Grey Death Legion

Grim Determination

Group W
Hamptonís Hessens

Hannibalís Hermits

Hansen's Roughriders
(new and old)

Harlock's Warriors


HeavyHell Raisers
Hell's Black Aces

Hsien's Hotheads
Illician Lancers
   59th Strike Regiment
   4th Illician Rangers
   9th Illician Rangers
   21st Illician Rangers

Jacob's Juggernaughts

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