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Hello and welcome to the new home of Fighting Pirannha Graphics, producer of high quality waterslide decals for your wargames miniatures and models..

Whether you're looking for official decals for your favorite sci-fi games, generic decals, or if you're interested in finally getting your original custom decals made, you've come to the right place.

Our decals are produced on decal-specifc printers on the highest quality media. All our colors are white-backed, so they will not fade and stay vibrant against the darkest of paint schemes. Each sheet contains 60+ decals in a variation of sizes (from 7mm to 2mm), depending on the intended game-scale.

Fighting Pirannha Graphics is expanding rapidly, and this site is changing constantly, so keep checking back for updates.

NOTE: Order turnaround time is generally 4-6 weeks after payment has been received. Please order accordingly.



What's New!

Note: If you are interested in Classic Battletech decals for a unit not available, please contact us and we will take it under consideration. No guarantee is made as to when or if those decals can be made available.

February 9, 2016: Updated international shipping prices.


World War II


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